Deadly Truck Accident In Results In Settlement For Family

This week, attorney E. Ryan Bradley, a St. Louis personal injury lawyer secured a confidential settlement for the family of a man who was killed after being rear-ended by a tractor trailer last year in New Madrid County. As part of the settlement, the family has agreed to keep the identity of the truck company confidential as well as the settlement amount.

The facts of this particular case were very difficult since it was established the driver of the vehicle that was rear-ended by the tractor trailer was intoxicated. Even though the trucker was negligent in rear-ending the car, evidence at the crash scene indicated the car was moving very slow at the time of contact and had possibly just reentered the roadway from the shoulder. The truck company alleged the decedent knew or should have known the driver of the car was intoxicated and sought to have his comparative fault reduce any amount awarded at trial. On top of this, the decedent had not worked in years and had not supported his own family.

Overall, our St. Louis wrongful death lawyers, and more importantly, our clients, are extremely pleased with this result obtained against the trucker and the truck company.

Holding negligent truck companies and their reckless drivers responsible for their actions is the only way we can ensure our roadways remain safe. Truck companies throughout the nation are putting more and more inexperienced drivers behind the wheel of massive trucks without the proper training required to operate them safely. In some cases, drivers cannot even speak English, one of the requirements of a CDL holder under the Federal Motor Carrier Regulations.

If you have questions about your rights concerning a truck accident in Missouri, please contact our personal injury lawyers in St. Louis today for a free consultation.