How To Settle a Car Accident Case Claim in St. Louis, MO

When you or your family member, are the victim of motor vehicle accident in Missouri and you need to seek recovery for your losses, you may ask yourself “how do I get a good car accident settlement from the insurance company?” Here is what our Missouri personal injury lawyers think about this question.

You must keep in mind that nearly every driver will have automobile insurance coverage- it is required under every state law, including Missouri. However, not every driver follows the law and does maintain liability insurance coverage. In this scenario, you may pursue a claim for uninsured motorist coveage against your own insurance company. In either case, you must remember you will be proceeding against and dealing with a large automobile insurance company.

Automobile insurance companies are concerned with one thing- profits. Insurance companies must make a profit to stay in business. Insurance companies love to sell you a policy and collect your monthly premium, but they hate paying claims. They are not inexistence to be your friend. The comparison of the insurance company to a “good neighbor” and the “open hands” you see on the TV commercials are a complete fallacy!

Have Expert Representation

Your local insurance agent may be your friend, but, when you have a claim for substantial damages or injuries your agent will not be the person with whom you must deal. The insurance company will have expert claim handlers and lawyers fighting for them. Your local agent is powerless over this process. These insurance experts are involved in your case to protect the insurance company and the company profit. You must equalize “the playing field” and have expert representation on your side. You must have a highly competent personal injury lawyer assist you in dealing with these large insurance companies. Remember, you will only receive a full and
complete settle of all your injuries and damages when the insurance company is convinced you and your legal team have the ability to force them to go to trial on your claim and obtain a fair recovery at a trial. It is the threat of going to a trial that will force the insurance company to offer a larger settlement. If the insurance company believes they can get rid of your claim for a smaller amount that your claim is truly worth, this is all you will receive. You must make the insurance company fear you and your claim. They will fear good facts that are properly developed by a skilled and competent personal injury lawyer.

Not all cases will be settled. Sometimes, cases must be tried by you and your Missouri personal injury lawyer. You will not know whether or not your case will be one of those cases that must be taken to a trial until the case is finally resolved. You should not fear going to trial unless you are poorly represented and ill prepared to take your case to a trial. If the insurance companies fail to make you a fair and reasonable offer for your injures and damages you should welcome the opportunity to assist your highly competent Missouri personal injury lawyer and his team to present your case to a Missouri court of law. By presenting your case to a court, you will stand a much greater chance of securing a full and complete recovery for your injuries and damages than if you accept a settlement which you know is inadequate.

One of the most important factors in your case will be your attitude toward “fighting” for your just recovery. You should immediately secure highly competent Missouri personal injury legal counsel as soon as you can after you become a victim in a motorcycle accident, a trucking accident or any motor vehicle accident. You should never fear dealing with the large insurance companies when you are prepared and effectively represented by highly competent lawyers. You should be ready to force the large insurance company into court if they are unreasonable in negotiations. Then, and only then, will you enjoy the benefits of a “good car wreck settlement” from any insurance company.

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