Avoiding Tractor Trailer Accidents

Working as a St. Louis personal injury lawyer, you hear a lot of tragic stories from people that have been victims of an injury accident or lost a loved one to someone else’s negligence. Tractor trailer crashes in particular cause the most devastating injuries to the passengers of non-commercial vehicles. While legal representation from a tractor trailer accident attorney may be able to recover damages after a crash, it’s always best to avoid these accidents all together.

When driving near a large commercial truck you have to respect its size and lack of maneuverability. They are just not as quick as smaller passenger cars. When hauling tens of thousands of pounds, they can’t exactly stop on a dime either. Give them plenty of space on the highway and if at all possible, don’t ride directly in front, behind, or to the sides of the truck. Doing so could mean getting in a regrettable car accident, hit from behind or by any other sides.

Always think a step ahead if you have to drive past a truck. What lanes are open if the truck driver doesn’t see you and tries to merge into your lane? If the truck starts to jackknife, should you slam on your brakes or is there space to maneuver around the side? Always be game planning different situations in your head. Most of the time you won’t need to use these evasive maneuvers, but there’s always a chance you might have to.

It’s also a good idea to show the truck driver respect. It is a challenge to keep these large vehicles under control and they have to have constant concentration to avoid a fatal tractor trailer accident. Don’t get angry if you are stuck behind a truck for a couple of minutes and try to blow past him the second an opening appears. This may put you in a dangerous situation.

Most truck drivers do an admirable job, but the ones that aren’t as focused can cause serious problems. The average passenger car driver is not at fault in 4 out of 5 tractor trailer accidents involving other cars, though they are often the one to sustain injury. Use these tips and others you might find from highway safety guides to try and protect yourself from personal injury.

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