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Car color can affect crash risk. Your eyes use contrast to measure the apparent size of a vehicle as it approaches you. Some colors give your eyes more clues to help you perceive the location and speed of other cars.

But pinpointing which colors increase or decrease your risk of getting into a car accident or, worse yet, causing an accident, is difficult. Studies provide contradictory results when looking at the relative risk of various colors. 

It is important to learn about car colors and crash risks in St. Louis, MO, and how car color might affect your injury case. And if you’ve been involved in a crash, our St. Louis car color and crash risk lawyers can assist.

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How Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After an Accident in St. Louis

How Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After an Accident in St. Louis

Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers was founded over 20 years ago to serve accident victims across the greater St. Louis, Missouri, area. The firm’s St. Louis car accident attorneys have over 30 years of combined experience representing people injured in preventable accidents.

The firm has secured over $70 million in compensation for its clients. Some car accident case outcomes include:

  • $10.15 million awarded for a car accident verdict
  • $1.3625 million awarded for passenger recovery
  • $1.1685 million awarded for a three-level cervical disc injury in a car accident

And some of the ways Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers can help include:

  • Hiring experts and internally investigating your case to strengthen your compensation claim
  • Managing all of the paperwork, communications, and negotiations related to your case
  • Filing a lawsuit on your behalf against the at-fault party if necessary

Auto insurers fight tirelessly against paying your claim. You need an injury lawyer who fights just as hard for you. To discuss the compensation you can seek for your car accident injuries, contact Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers for a free consultation.

How Common Are Car Crashes Affected by Car Color?

Many factors can play a role in causing a car accident, including:

Car color is an additional factor. While it may not be one of the most prominent, it can certainly factor into whether an accident occurs in some scenarios.

Overview of Car Color and Crash Risk

Two studies have looked at the effect of car color and crash risk. Both studies concluded that car color influences crash risk. But they disagreed on which colors affect crash risk and whether those colors increase or decrease crash risk.

In the Monash University study, red, silver, gray, green, and blue affected crash risk, even when the results were controlled for the other factors. The researchers also found that this relationship was statistically significant. This means that color played a role in the crash risk independent of other driver or environmental factors.

Additionally, the Monash University study found that certain colors like cream, fawn, mauve, yellow, and orange were associated with a lower risk of a car accident. 

But the connection between these colors and crash risk was much weaker. Researchers could not conclude that these colors actually reduce your crash risk when accounting for other factors.

The University of Auckland study produced very different results. This study found that black, green, silver, and brown affected crash risk after controlling for other factors. 

You might notice that green was the only color associated with an increased crash risk in both studies. Aside from green, the two studies disagreed on the effects of blue, gray, red, black, and brown.

Interestingly, the University of Auckland study found black to produce the most statistically significant increase in crash risk. According to that study, black cars were twice as likely to get into an accident. But the Monash University study failed to find the same strong correlation between black cars and higher crash risk.

However, perhaps the strangest disagreement between the two studies concerned the color silver. The University of Auckland found silver cars had about half the crash risk of the average car. The Monash University study found exactly the opposite, with silver and gray identified as the most dangerous colors.

Injuries for Car Accidents Affected by Car Color

Car color will usually only affect accidents where visibility plays a role. If a driver sees a car, the color will not matter. Color only matters when a driver looks but does not see the other vehicle.

Viewed this way, car color accidents can cause almost any type of injury. Sideswipe crashes due to lane change accidents usually have a low risk of death and produce relatively minor injuries. But angle collisions from left-turn accidents have a high risk of death and can produce major injuries.

Liability for Car Accidents Affected by Car Color

Car color will not excuse a collision. Even if the other driver has a low-visibility car, the driver who caused the accident will bear liability for not spotting it. Because Missouri is an at-fault state regarding car insurance, you’ll usually be able to file a claim against the driver who caused the crash.

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