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If you are looking for a Joplin, Missouri personal injury lawyer, we would like you to consider our law firm. We have a proven history of winning personal injury cases in Missouri, including the top car accident verdict for 2010: $10,150,000.00. Just three months later, attorney Ryan Bradley posted the highest injury award in St. Louis County ever: $30,040,000.00. Needless to say, we are well equipped to help you with your Joplin, Mo personal injury case.

Our Joplin, Missouri attorneys mostly assist victims involved in car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and bus crashes. We specialize in many other types of personal injury cases as well, such as product liability, medical malpractice, and workers compensation. We have helped thousands of people throughout Missouri and our primary goal is to help you obtain fair compensation for your personal injuries.

Joplin roads where car accidents happen

There are two major roadways that run through Joplin, Missouri. The first is Interstate 44 and it connects Joplin to Springfield, Mo, St. Louis, Missouri, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Second, Highway 71 connects Joplin to Arkansas. Most residents only travel 10-15 minutes to work each day explaining why 60% of all traffic accidents happen on Joplin, Missouri city streets. Most of the remaining car crashes happen on US-71 (20%) and I-44 (6%). A rapid growth in population and a small number of large roadways creates an increase of Joplin, Missouri motor vehicle accidents.

In 2009, there were 2,060 accidents in Joplin, Mo and 18% of those produced personal injuries or wrongful deaths. The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported an increase of accidents in 2010 and a decrease of personal injuries or wrongful deaths related to car wrecks. Even though the injury statistics have decreased, Joplin, Mo remains listed in the top 10 for Missouri accidents involving drinking and driving, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, school buses, or pedestrians.

Joplin, Mo history and Jasper County

Joplin, Missouri is located in both Jasper and Newton Counties although the major commercial areas, as well as the majority of residents, live in Jasper County. Joplin, Mo was developed as a mining town in the early 1800’s and was once one of the state’s largest producers of lead and zinc. Today, Joplin is better known for its affiliation with historic Route 66 and Missouri Southern State University. Throughout Joplin’s rich history many famous people have called Joplin home, including poet Langston Hughes, baseball great Mickey Mantle, and the infamous Bonnie and Clyde. Currently, there are 50,150 people residing in Joplin, making Joplin the 13th largest city in Missouri.

Jasper County, Missouri is the ninth largest county in Missouri, with a population near 116,000. It consists of several towns including, Airport Drive, Alba, Asbury, Avilla, Brooklyn Heights, Carl Junction, Carterville, Carthage, Carytown, Duenweg, Duquesne, Fidelity, Jasper, Joplin, Kendricktown, La Russell, Maxville, Neck City, Oakland Park, Oronogo, Purcell, Reeds, Sarcoxie, Waco, and Webb City. Jasper County is surrounded by Barton County, Dade County, Lawrence County, Newton County, Cherokee County, and Crawford County. Jasper County was established in 1841 and named after Sgt. William Jasper from The American Revolutionary War and is known for its monumental and world famous, Carthage Courthouse as well as historic ties with the Osage Indians.

Jasper County courts

Jasper County has two separate circuit courts, one located in Joplin, Missouri and the other located in Carthage, Missouri. Our Joplin personal injury attorneys are familiar with both locations as they handle many personal injury cases within Jasper County, Missouri. For more information on the circuit courts, visit their website where there are many links to several resources pertaining to court forms, contact information, ex parte, filing fees, landlord/tenants, legal aid, local court rules, and pro– se divorce.

If you are interested in making a personal injury claim, contact one of our lawyers today. Our website is full of explanatory resources and our contact information. With over three decades of experience, we do not charge any fee unless you obtain a settlement or favorable verdict. Call our office at 314-400-0000 or email us for a free case evaluation located on our website.

Joplin Mo Free Resources

If you are involved in any type of accident in Joplin, Missouri, here are some resources you may find helpful:

If your personal injury claim cannot be settled with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, you may need to file a personal injury lawsuit. If the collision happened in Joplin, your suit would need to be filed with the Circuit Clerk’s office of the county where the crash occurred. The Circuit Court of Jasper County is located at 302 South Main Street, Room 102 Carthage, Missouri and the Circuit Court of Newton County is located at 101 South Wood, Neosho, Missouri. Our experienced lawyers have helped hundreds of victims in southwest Missouri file their personal injury claims and we can help you file yours.

Free consultations – If we don’t win, you don’t pay.

Our Joplin, Missouri car accident lawyers do not charge any fee for a consultation. We will get your police report for free. If you decide to hire our firm, we do not earn an attorneys’ fee unless we are successful on your case. Our attorneys will make arrangements to visit with you at your home or hospital room if your injuries prevent you from traveling. We will also make arrangements to meet with you and your family members in one convenient location, such as your home, if you are inquiring about more sensitive cases such as wrongful deaths.

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