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Our Jefferson City Missouri personal injury lawyers help victims of all types of injury cases. However, we find our practice mainly dedicated to helping those hurt in car crashes, bus collisions, motorcycle and ATV accidents. Our Cole County accident lawyers are frequently called upon to help people with personal injuries from Jefferson City, the largest city within Cole County and Missouri’s state capital. Our Cole County personal injury lawyers are highly skilled and have over 30 years of experience obtaining fair compensation for victims.

If your injury claim cannot be settled with the insurance company your lawsuit would need to be filed with the Circuit Clerk’s office. The Circuit Court of Cole County is located at 301 East High Street, Jefferson City, Missouri. Personal injury lawsuits are very complex and Missouri law calls for specific requirements to be fulfilled when filing these types of pleadings. If you fail to meet the requirements set forth by Missouri law, your case could be dismissed by the Courts. Prior to filing you should always consult with an experienced lawyer.

Jefferson City and Cole County car accident statistics

According to the Missouri Highway Patrol, there were 1,688 traffic accidents during 2009 in Cole County, 27% of which involved injuries or fatalities. The number of wrongful deaths and personal injuries related to motor vehicle accidents increased almost 10% in 2010 positioning Cole County 15th among all 115 Missouri counties in traffic collisions of reported accidents in 2009. 60% involved drivers under 21 years of age or drivers over the age of 55. The majority of the remaining vehicle accidents involve school bus accidents (.5%) and pedestrians (.9%).

The Highway Patrol’s statistics for crashes in Jefferson City were similar. There were 1,366 traffic accidents during 2009, 26% of which involved injuries or fatalities. The number of wrongful deaths and personal injuries related to motor vehicle accidents increased a staggering 16% in 2010 making Jefferson City 14th among all 734 Missouri cities in traffic accidents. Many collisions in 2009, 7% in fact, involved commercial and/or work zone vehicles. Jefferson City officials recognize the growing problem of traffic related injuries and has taken steps to remedy the problem. The allocation for public safety in the city budget has continued to grow and remains the most important priority on the General Fund Expenditure. Regardless, personal injury claims in Jefferson City, Missouri continue to increase.

Jefferson City, Mo Roadways

Jefferson City is conveniently located in the center of Missouri along the southern bank of the Missouri River. Jefferson City, Missouri was incorporated in 1825 and became the Missouri state capital in 1826. Jefferson City is best known for its history associated with Lewis and Clark, Lincoln University, and being a governmental hub. Jefferson City, Missouri has grown approximately 1.5% each year. Despite slow growth, Jefferson City roadways continue to get more congested each year. The largest highways in Jefferson City are US-50 and US-54. It is on these roads that most motor vehicle accidents occur.

Cole County is located in the center of Missouri, south of the Missouri River and west of the Osage. The average population of Cole County has a 16% higher median income than the state’s mean. Cole County’s population remains steady, growing only 5% in the ten-year period between 2000 and 2010. Even though the permanent population has grown slowly, the traffic volume has grown considerably. The largest roadways in Cole County are United States Highways 50 and 54, and rural roads like Route C. Cole County’s roadways have seen a growth in traffic volume of more than 5% in the past 24 months. Naturally, a swell of this level in motorists on local highways raises the number of Cole County, Missouri motor vehicle accidents.

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