State and Federal Trucking Regulations

Commercial truck accidents cause catastrophic injuries and deaths. For that reason, the trucking industry is heavily regulated. 

The United States and Missouri governments both help to regulate interstate commerce. Uniform laws and regulations are designed to make trucking safer for everyone on the road. But, tragically, state and federal trucking regulations do not prevent all large truck accidents.

The St. Louis truck accident lawyers at Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers understand the devastation caused by semi-truck and 18-wheeler accidents. With over 30 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys have the skills, resources, and knowledge necessary to handle personal injury cases involving commercial trucks.

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How Our St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers Help You After a Commercial Truck Accident 

How Our St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers Help You After a Commercial Truck Accident 

Since 2002, Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers has fought for the rights of accident victims and their families in Missouri. Our attorneys have recovered millions of dollars in settlement negotiations and jury verdicts for our clients. 

As a former insurance defense attorney, our founding lawyer understands how insurance companies fight truck accident claims. He has a perfect 10 rating on Avvo and is AV-rated on Martindale-Hubbell. As a Top 100 Trial Lawyer in America, our founding lawyer is a skilled trial attorney and a seasoned negotiator. 

When you hire our legal team to handle your truck accident case, you can expect our St. Louis truck accident lawyers to:

  • Conduct an independent truck accident investigation 
  • Monitor the investigations by state and local government agencies and law enforcement agencies
  • Gather evidence, including physical evidence, truck logs, accident reports, electronic logging device data, and eyewitness statements 
  • Consult expert witnesses in the trucking industry, including accident reconstructionists 
  • Verify insurance coverage and file insurance claims
  • Negotiate settlements with trucking companies and insurance companies
  • Prepare and file a lawsuit and take your case to court if that is in your best interest

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Who Regulates Commercial Trucks in Missouri?

The federal government regulates most aspects of the trucking industry. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) sets and enforces trucking regulations. Federal trucking regulations include, but are not limited to:

  • Qualifications for commercial truck drivers
  • Hours of service for truck drivers 
  • Truck driver training and education 
  • Monitoring truck drivers, including conducting drug and alcohol tests
  • The size and weight limits for commercial trucks
  • Vehicle inspections, repair, and maintenance 
  • Record keeping and logs

In addition to federal regulations, Missouri also sets standards and regulations for commercial trucks operating within the state. Examples of trucking regulations set by the state include:

  • Driver safety requirements
  • Inspection and maintenance of trucks
  • Requirements for obtaining a commercial driver’s license
  • Permits for oversize or overweight trucks
  • Speed limits, weight limits for local roads and bridges, and traffic laws

Unfortunately, truck drivers and trucking companies violate many state and federal trucking regulations. Typically, the reason for the violations is to make more money or hide drug and alcohol abuse by truck drivers.

The consequence can be a horrific truck accident that causes catastrophic injuries and deaths for innocent victims. 

How Do Violations of State and Federal Trucking Regulations Happen?

Unfortunately, there is no way to monitor all trucking companies and commercial motor vehicles every hour of each day. Therefore, lack of sufficient oversight is often a common reason for violations of trucking regulations. Other causes include:

  • Lack of resources to correct violations
  • Inadequate resources to monitor and enforce regulations
  • Intentional wrongdoing and deceit by truck drivers, trucking companies, shippers, and loaders
  • Intentionally overlooking violations of trucking regulations 
  • Inadequate procedures for dealing with violations 
  • Lack of sufficient oversight of drug and alcohol testing programs

Many truck violations are discovered during a truck accident investigation.

Although it is too late, at that point, to prevent the truck crash, our lawyers can work to hold the at-fault parties liable for their negligence, intentional torts, and other conduct that led to the cause of the truck accident. Call us today to learn more.

Injuries and Damages Caused by Truck Accidents 

When a truck driver or another party violates state and federal trucking regulations, the result can be a truck crash. Roughly three-fourths of the individuals injured and killed in large truck crashes are people outside the truck. 

A passenger vehicle does not have the frame or protection to withstand an impact from an 80,000-pound tractor-trailer. Therefore, the occupants sustain severe injuries, including:

The cost of treating truck accident injuries can be extremely high. The economic damages a victim might sustain could total hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. That value is before you add compensation for the extreme pain and suffering they experience, along with other non-economic damages.

Who Is Liable for a Truck Accident Claim in St. Louis?

Many truck crashes are caused by driver negligence. Therefore, the truck driver is often to blame for causing the truck accident. However, the trucking company might share liability through a negligence or vicarious liability cause of action.

In addition, shippers and loaders could be partially to blame for the cause of the accident. Repair and maintenance facilities and government entities could be named in a truck accident lawsuit. 

A thorough accident investigation uncovers the parties who contributed to the cause of the truck crash. Our legal team pursues each party to hold them accountable and financially liable for your damages. 

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