The Role Of Expert Testimony In Truck Accident Lawsuits

Missouri trucking accidents may be a traumatic experience for truck accident victims. Truck accident victims may have to deal with extensive property damage if a large truck collided with their vehicle. Truck accident victims are more likely to suffer from serious physical injuries as a result of their accident when compared to car accident victims. Truck accident victims may suffer from psychological injuries caused by the truck accident as well. Many truck accident victims report symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, including “flashback” memories and disrupted sleep patterns.

During the tumultuous time after a truck accident, the trucking company or its insurers and attorneys may attempt to contact the truck accident victims. Truck accident victims may face confusing questions and tricky settlement offers. The trucking insurer may even try to encourage the truck accident victim to accept fault for the accident. Truck accident victims without experienced Missouri truck accident attorneys may have a difficult time understanding what to do after a Missouri truck accident.

After receiving medical treatment for injuries, contacting a skilled Missouri truck accident attorney is the most important step for obtaining just compensation from negligent trucking companies. Experienced truck accident attorneys will understand how to negotiate a settlement with the trucking company. If settlement negotiations fail, an experienced truck accident attorney will understand how to build a strong case in court.

Experienced plaintiff’s attorneys understand how to use expert witness testimony to bolster a case. Testimony from expert witnesses play a key role in winning Missouri truck accident lawsuits. An expert witness is a person with specialized knowledge in a particular area related to a lawsuit. If the expert witness is qualified, the jury may consider the witnesses professional findings while deliberating the merits of the lawsuit.

Certain types of expert witnesses testify in truck accident lawsuits. Medical doctors may provide expert testimony about the extent of the truck accident victim’s injuries. Accident reconstruction professionals may provide expert testimony about how the accident caused the truck accident injuries. Vocational expert witness may provide testimony about the truck accident victims’ career path and whether the accident affected it. Expert witnesses are an important feature of Missouri truck accident lawsuits. Expert witnesses are able to provide more concrete information to help the jury determine the damages in a truck accident lawsuit.