Illinois has an abundance of interstate routes, with only New York and California boasting more interstate highways. However, being a major national transportation hub comes with downsides, such as unrelenting and heavy commercial truck traffic. More truck traffic invariably means more accidents. When a crash happens, those in smaller passenger cars typically face the most devastating consequences. 

Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers see the physical, emotional, and financial effects of accidents on individuals and families every day. If you suffered a severe injury or a loved one died in a collision with a commercial truck, don’t struggle alone. Let our Belleville, IL truck accident lawyers help you pursue the compensation you need to move forward with your life. Contact us now for a free, no-obligation consultation. 

How Truck Accidents Differ from Car Accidents

At first glance, car accidents and truck accidents have many similarities. However, they are fundamentally different. Truck crashes are inherently more complex and can involve many legal issues and liable parties. Unlike cars, trucks are usually owned by a company. If a truck driver causes an accident, the company and potentially many other parties could share liability. 

Truck Accidents Are More Complex 

What makes truck accidents even more complicated are the many federal and state regulations trucks must adhere to, such as:

  • Hours-of-service rules
  • Maintenance and service requirements
  • Load restrictions 
  • Driver qualifications 

For example, a cargo loader or a truck repair shop may be responsible if your accident occurred due to a violation of truck regulations. However, determining liability could require extensive investigations into a trucking company’s records and require the assistance of technical experts.

Passenger Car Occupants Pay the Price

Unfortunately, passenger vehicle occupants and other road users, such as motorcyclists and pedestrians, usually suffer the worst impacts in crashes with large commercial trucks. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), most fatalities in truck accidents are individuals in small passenger cars, as they are more vulnerable compared to truck occupants.  

Truck Accidents Involve High Stakes

Trucking companies carry policies with much higher coverage limits than personal vehicles. Insurance companies are highly motivated to fight claims when millions of dollars could potentially be at stake in a crash. 

Given these complexities, failing to hire a Belleville, IL truck accident lawyer to represent you can be a mistake. You’ll most likely need the expertise of a seasoned lawyer to recover the compensation you need to put your life back together after a truck accident. 

Causes of Truck Accidents in Belleville 

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), trucks were involved in 132 fatal crashes on Illinois roads in 2023 alone. This figure fails to represent the countless injured victims surviving catastrophic truck crashes with severe or even life-changing injuries. Reasons for truck accidents include, among others: 

Driver Fatigue

Truck drivers often face long days and long nights on monotonous interstates, which can cause fatigue and drowsiness. However, according to state and federal laws, drivers must follow hours-of-service regulations and take mandated breaks. 

Drivers given unrealistic schedules by their employers or promised extra money for beating tight deadlines may be tempted to ignore these regulations. Fatigued and sleepy drivers are a danger to themselves and all other road users.

Failure to Maintain and Service Trucks

Trucks are complex vehicles with many electronic components and moving parts. A small defective part or worn tire can lead to a severe accident. Trucking company owners must ensure their vehicles are adequately maintained and regularly serviced. Failing to do so can lead to equipment failure, such as:

  • Frozen brakes
  • Steering malfunctions
  • Tire blowouts
  • Suspension issues

Incorrectly Loaded Cargo 

A wrongly loaded commercial truck is a dangerous piece of equipment that may be impossible to control. Overloading results in excess weight on tires, brakes, and the truck’s suspension, potentially causing components to fail. 

Moreover, in a crash, wrongly loaded or unsecured cargo can tumble off the truck, creating dangers for everyone involved and those approaching the scene. Hazardous cargo, such as flammable and toxic materials, can cause severe injuries and fatalities in a crash.

Reckless Driving

We’ve all seen truck drivers speeding, pulling out of their lanes without signaling, or tailgating other vehicles. However, what may be little more than a harmless fender bender in a crash between two passenger cars can be a fatal collision when a 25,000-pound semi-truck slams into the back of a vehicle. 

There can be many other causes of truck accidents in Belleville. If you or a loved one suffered a severe injury in a truck accident, don’t delay getting legal advice from a Belleville, IL truck accident lawyer. The time to file a lawsuit is limited in Illinois. 

Why You Need a Belleville, IL Truck Accident Lawyer 

Hiring a lawyer for a car accident isn’t always necessary, especially if the insurance company pays your claim in full. However, when you’re involved in a truck accident, working with a personal injury lawyer is essential. A trucking company or insurance company may fight tooth and nail to deny you your due. Victims need an attorney to protect their rights and ensure they aren’t leaving money on the table. Here’s how Bradley Law can help: 

Identify All Liable Parties 

Most truck accident victims believe the truck driver is responsible for their crash. While this may be the case, there can be additional liable parties in a truck accident claim, including: 

  • The trucking company
  • A truck maker or parts manufacturer 
  • A truck repair shop
  • The company loading cargo 
  • The owner of the truck

Establishing who is responsible can be challenging and may require an extensive investigation. However, a Belleville, IL truck accident lawyer at Bradley Law knows how to tackle complex cases. We can help you file a lawsuit against the responsible party or parties and fight for maximum potential compensation. 

Investigate the Truck Crash

Analyzing a truck accident claim can be a challenging, lengthy, and complex task. For example, a faulty truck part could be responsible for a crash, or a company may have falsified service hours paperwork. In more complex claims, we hire industry experts to investigate the accident thoroughly and obtain crucial evidence proving fault. Analyzing your truck accident claim may involve:

  • Reviewing police accident reports
  • Interviewing eyewitnesses
  • Hiring technical experts and accident reconstruction professionals
  • Investigating trucking company documents and logbooks

Level the Playing Field with Insurance Companies 

Trucking companies and insurers have vast resources and a long breath. They know that time is on their side and pursue one goal: to pay as little in damages as possible. Insurance companies may even have teams of lawyers on standby to fight your claim or try to manipulate you into saying something that could be used against you. 

Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers knows this is wrong. We don’t want an insurance company’s tricks to result in losing the compensation you need to pay your medical bills and other losses. Our Belleville, IL truck accident lawyers negotiate powerfully with insurance companies and don’t accept a last best offer if your case is worth more. We take even the biggest insurers to court to fight for what our clients deserve.

Comprehensively Evaluate Your Damages

Knowing what your case is worth is crucial for recovering fair compensation. A lawyer can assess the full impact of an injury on your life, including your career and life quality. We take your medical bills, wage loss, and other financial expenses into account but also pursue compensation for other disruptions you face due to the crash, such as chronic pain, emotional distress, and more. 

You Could Be Entitled to Truck Accident Compensation

Truck accidents can lead to lifelong health, financial, and career issues. However, if another is responsible, you could qualify for economic and non-economic damages, such as: 

  • Lost wages and future loss of earning capacity
  • Past, current, and future healthcare costs 
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish 
  • Reduced life quality 
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Modifications to your home and vehicle
  • A home health aide

Wrongful Death Damages

If your loved one died in a Belleville truck accident, you could file a wrongful death lawsuit and recover compensation. Depending on the case’s specifics, you may be entitled to loss of income from the decedent, loss of companionship, funeral costs, and other damages. 

Losing a loved one in an unexpected truck accident can be a shock for the entire family. When the worst has happened, our compassionate Belleville, IL truck accident lawyers can advise you and help you recover damages. 


Which injuries entitle me to compensation in a truck accident?

If someone else is responsible for your truck accident, such as the truck company, driver, or a third party, you could be entitled to compensation for any injuries you suffer due to the crash. Truck accidents can cause catastrophic and disabling injuries, such as: 

  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) 
  • Spinal cord injury and paralysis 
  • Burn injuries and disfigurement
  • Internal organ damage 
  • Loss of limbs

For the best chance of recovering compensation, seek medical assistance as soon as possible after an accident and contact a Belleville, IL truck accident lawyer for legal advice and guidance.

Do I need a Belleville, IL truck accident lawyer?  

If you’re injured or a loved one died in a collision with a commercial truck, hiring a lawyer can be essential for protecting your legal rights and pursuing maximum compensation. Here are some scenarios where an attorney’s guidance and expertise are essential:

  • You have permanent and disabling injuries
  • Your damages (medical bills, income losses, etc.) are sky-high
  • The fault for the accident is contested
  • The trucking company or insurance company denied your claim
  • You need to file a lawsuit against the at-fault parties 
  • You’re only getting lowball settlement offers
  • You have some responsibility for the accident
  • A loved one died in a truck accident

It’s always a good idea to at least consult an experienced attorney after a truck accident. Negotiating with an insurer or handling the legal process alone could jeopardize your compensation. Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers is here for you during the most difficult times in your life. 

Who can I sue for damages after a Belleville truck accident?  

Depending on the specifics of your truck accident, you could have multiple defendants. Here are some of the parties you could sue: 

  • The truck driver:  If a driver negligently operated the vehicle, such as speeding or driving drunk, they could be responsible for your damages.
  • The trucking company: A trucking company usually has the overall operational responsibility. Therefore, the company may be partially liable even if a truck driver caused your crash. They could also be responsible for negligent hiring or training of drivers and neglecting the maintenance of trucks, for example.
  • A truck manufacturer: Truck makers and manufacturers of truck parts, such as brakes and tires, must ensure their products are safe and free from defects. If an error in manufacturing led to your crash, a manufacturer could be liable.
  • A truck repair shop: Trucks need constant high-quality maintenance and repair. If a truck repair shop used unlicensed mechanics or inserted worn or defective parts into a truck, it could be held accountable for an accident.

Contacting an attorney is vital to understanding who you could hold accountable for a crash. A Belleville, IL truck accident lawyer at Bradley Law can analyze your case and determine all avenues for compensation. 

Get Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers on Your Side

When trucking companies put profits before safety, we are all at risk. Those injured in an accident should not have to pay for a driver or company’s carelessness or recklessness. 

Our Belleville, IL truck accident lawyers are on your side. We have helped injured clients recover five, six, and even seven-figure compensation. Let Bradley Law help put this stressful time behind you. You only pay us if we win and you recover compensation. Contact us today to determine your legal options in a free case review.