Two Drivers Able To Walk Away From Fiery Tractor Trailer Crash In Missouri

Two drivers are fortunate to be alive after a major Missouri tractor trailer crash Wednesday morning on Highway 36. Not only did the two drivers, Charles Donahue, 68, and Dewayne Achenbach, 51, survive, they were mostly uninjured.

According to local media reports, both trucks were traveling eastbound on Highway 36 at the time of the wreck. Donahue was driving a 2000 Kenworth and Achenbach was driving a 2011 Freightliner. As the two vehicles approached an intersection, Donahue attempted to make a turn from the outside lane. Achenbach was unable to avoid slamming into Donahue’s truck and both vehicles ended up in the median.

Nearly immediately after the crash, both tractor trailers caught fire. Officials believe some type of explosion occurred, which spread the fire very quickly and completely destroyed both vehicles.

Despite the viciousness of the accident and the fact that both rigs were totally destroyed, neither driver was injured in this Missouri tractor trailer accident. Both Donahue and Achenbach were able to get out of their cabins before the fire overcame them.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt in this incident and no other smaller cars were caught up in this wreck. Many times in situations like these, the people involved aren’t as lucky. Motor carrier regulations and better safety technology have limited injury accidents over the years, but these measures only work when they are actually used. Too often we see companies break regulations or vehicles without the proper safety equipment. Anybody involved in a tractor trailer accident caused by this kind of negligence should contact a personal injury attorney with tractor trailer crash experience.

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