Tractor Trailer Causes 31 Car Pileup In St. Louis, MO

Slick, icy roads Wednesday morning in Missouri caused a serious truck accident and led to 31-car pileup on Highway 64/40 in Midtown St Louis. According to local reports, a FedEx tractor trailer was the catalyst for this crash when it lost control on eastbound highway 64. Vehicle after vehicle crashed into the FedEx tractor trailer after losing control on the ice.

Doug Lemmons, a driver from Dardenne Prairie who was involved in the 64/40 pileup, said he could hear the screams of a victim lodged between an SUV and his car while he waited for help. Lemmons himself was trapped in his car until he was extricated by rescuers.

The massive pileup caused roughly 30 people to be sent to local area hospitals. Most of the victims have been treated and released. Fifteen of the injured were sent to Saint Louis University Hospital, one of whom was admitted to surgery. Other victims went to the emergency room at Barnes Jewish Hospital, also in St Louis. There were no serious injuries, though some victims suffered broken bones.

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) stated it could not clear the roads of ice fast enough because of the inadequate weather forecast. The weather forecast changed to ice and freezing rain before dawn. MoDOT called in all of its workers and sent out trucks to salt the road however those actions were not enough to prevent this Missouri truck accident.

Since large commercial motor vehicles can cause significantly more damage than smaller vehicles, the regulation of tractor trailers like the FedEx truck involved in the pileup is essential for safe roads and highways. The Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986 created stringent requirements for commercial motor vehicles, drivers and carriers, and each must follow the regulations to prevent serious injury and death on our roadways.

If you were in a Missouri truck accident with a commercial truck or tractor trailer, make sure you have a lawyer fighting for you who understands how these regulations your particular case.

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