Tractor Trailer may have been involved in Car Crash

New information is surfacing about a Monday morning crash in Columbia, Missouri that injured five people and could link a third vehicle, a tractor trailer, to the wreck.

According to local media reports, this Missouri car accident occurred near the intersection of Paris Road and Highway 63 and involved a 2007 Cadillac Escalade and a 1989 Dodge Pickup. The two vehicles collided near the exit ramp and the Escalade was sent into a roadside ditch. One of the men in the pickup was ejected from the truck.

Authorities are now saying that a tractor trailer was also on the ramp to Highway 63 and may have caused the pickup driver, Robert McBaine, 51, to swerve out of control. The tractor trailer did not stay at the scene and may not have been hit in the wreck, but local police are still trying to identify the driver so he can be interviewed.

McBaine and four others were hospitalized, including the driver of the Escalade, Carolyn Mosley, 71.

An investigation into the accident is ongoing. If the tractor trailer driver is located and found to be at fault, the injured parties may be able to contact a Missouri tractor trailer accident lawyer to help recover damages to pay for medical expenses.

Regardless of whether the truck driver caused the accident or not, he did leave the scene of an accident which is against the law in Missouri. Whether you are a commercial truck driver or just an average person in a passenger car, you absolutely should not leave the scene of an accident even if you believe you aren’t at fault. It’s possible the driver could face charges if found. If you have any information about the tractor trailer, please contact the Columbia Police Department at 573-874-7404.

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