Tractor Trailer Crashes Across Highway Median

An out-of-control tractor trailer seriously injured Vander L. Coltrane of Columbia, Missouri in a Missouri head-on truck accident when it crossed a highway median on March 7, 2011 at 7:50pm.

According to the highway patrol, truck driver Abhi J. Farah of Ohio lost control of a 2006 Kenworth Tractor Trailer Unit while driving on I-70 near the Midway exit. The tractor trailer tore through the highway cable median barrier into oncoming traffic. Then the tractor trailer slammed into a minivan in a near head-on collision before overturning. Vander L. Coltrane of Columbia, Missouri was driving the 1997 Plymouth Voyager minivan that was totaled by the tractor trailer. Coltrane sustained serious injuries in this Boone County Missouri truck accident. EMS transported Coltrane to University Hospital in Columbia, Missouri. Farah, the tractor trailer operator, was transported to the same hospital with serious injuries. Farah’s condition was reportedly updated to fair on March 8. Coltrane’s condition was still serious.

Commercial trucks like the Kenworth Tractor Trailer are more likely to cause serious injuries than a typical vehicle because of their immense size. The injuries an automobile driver can sustain in a Missouri front-impact collision with a tractor trailer are even more pronounced. Head-on truck accidents are the most deadly type of truck accident. Missouri head-on truck accidents also increase the likelihood of spinal cord or traumatic brain injuries.

Onsite medical treatment is critical after an accident with a tractor trailer, regardless of whether the victim appears injured. Serious injuries affecting the brain and spinal cord may not show outward symptoms for days, but may be treated immediately after the accident. Moreover, insurance companies will actively use delayed treatment as evidence that the injury was not caused by the accident. The insurance companies will argue that if the collision caused the serious injury, the victim would have sought treatment immediately after the accident. Waiting for the onset of symptoms before seeking medical treatment after a Missouri truck accident can dramatically alter a claim’s success.

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