Tractor Trailer Crash Regulations

As we’ve discussed previously on the blog, tractor trailers and other large trucks are subject to different regulations than the average passenger car. This is because of the extra dangers posed by commercial motor vehicles in the event of a tractor trailer crash. There are guidelines to define what exactly qualifies as a commercial motor vehicle.

There are several ways a vehicle can be classified as a commercial motor vehicle. It must be used to transport people or shipments for commercial reasons and must be of a certain size. If the vehicle is 10,001 pounds or more or if it can transport 15 or more people, it falls under this distinction. A vehicle can also be classified as a commercial motor vehicle if it is transporting hazardous materials.

Companies that use vehicles of this classification must register the vehicle and follow all federal motor carrier guidelines. Some states have altered the guidelines for the unique situations in their part of the country. When dealing with a truck accident here in the Show Me State, it is important to contact an experienced Missouri tractor trailer lawyer who has extensive knowledge about our specific laws.

While most vehicles that meet the above criteria are subject to the commercial motor vehicle regulations, some exceptions are made. School buses and ambulances do not fall under the same classification and neither do vehicles that are being used for non-commercial uses. This does not mean these vehicles are exempted from any regulation, however, they just don’t have the same guidelines as tractor trailers being used in commercial shipping. Again, a truck accident attorney with enough experience will easily be able determine which regulations apply to your case.

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