Local County Truck Accident Injures Two

Two people from Saint Louis, Missouri were injured in a St. Louis County truck accident. The accident occurred on westbound I-270, east of Lilac, at 7:25pm on February 9, 2012.

LaTonya D. Tillman was driving a 2004 Honda Accord on westbound I-270 when her vehicle was struck by a 2007 Freightliner. The Freightliner made contact with the left side of the Honda. The force of impact pushed both vehicles off the right side of the roadway. The Honda crashed into the guardrail of the interstate highway.

Two people suffered personal injury in the accident: Tillman and her occupant, Raven M. Rogers. Christian Ambulance transported the two accident victims to the DePaul Hospital. The truck driver, Roderick K. Alexander, did not suffer any reported personal injuries.

Missouri truck accident lawyers are familiar with the complex legal processes that truck accident victims face. Some truck accident victims may win compensation for their injuries in court, but truck accident victims may secure compensation for their injuries through alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

ADR is a term that refers to processes that people use to resolve their conflicts outside of litigation. Some truck accident victims choose to obtain their compensation through ADR because ADR is generally less expensive that a courtroom trial. Mediation is a type of ADR that is becoming popular.

Mediation is a confidential negotiation that is facilitated by a neutral third party. The third party is the mediator. The mediator helps the parties communicate and create a resolution. Unlike a judge, the mediator does not decide any issues. Instead, the mediator helps the parties understand each other and generate creative ideas. Mediation may be beneficial because the parties can determine their own resolution.

Many courts refer the trials on their docket to mediation before allowing a lawsuit to continue. The Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of 1998 authorized the use of ADR in all civil federal cases at the district court level. If cases can settle in mediation, the court system becomes more efficient and cost effective.

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