St. Francois Missouri Truck Accident Serious Injureds Mineral Point Man

Kenneth J. Coleman of Mineral Point, Missouri suffered serious injuries in a St. Francois County Missouri trucking accident on December 5, 2011. Coleman was taken to Jefferson Regional Hospital by St. Francois County Ambulance for medical treatment.

The Saint Francois Missouri truck accident occurred on Highway 67 at Big River Bridge.
Coleman was traveling on highway 67 near a 1986 Peterbilt truck driven by Gerald T. Brewen, 61, of Fredericktown, Missouri. The Peterbilt braked in response to the traffic on the roadway and began to slide. Coleman attempted to steer around the sliding truck, but could not avoid the collision. The vehicles crashed into one another and into a bridge.

Defective brakes are a major cause of Missouri truck accidents. Research from the Department of Transportation indicates that brake issues are related to nearly 30% of truck accidents. However, determining liability in a brake-related accident may difficult, even if the brakes are clearly the cause of the accident. Many parties may be legally responsible for the condition of the brakes, including the truck driver, the trucking company, and the brake manufacturer.

Trucker drivers are required to regularly inspect their commercial motor vehicles for the purpose of avoiding injurious Missouri truck accidents. Truck drivers must conduct pre-trip tire inspections before operating their vehicles. Since brakes are such a common cause of truck accidents, checking the brakes are an essential part of the pre-trip inspections. Responsible truck drivers check for tire pressure and for worn areas that may lead to a blowout. If the failure to properly inspect the brakes lead to a truck accident, the truck driver may be held liable for the accident victim’s injuries.

The trucking company that employs the truck driver may be liable as well. The trucking company is in charge of policies for its drivers and vehicles. Unsafe trucking companies will violate federal regulations in order to cut costs. Negligent trucking companies may even depower the front brakes so that the brakes can be replaced less often. Depowering the front brakes is a dangerous cost-saving measure that may lead to a Missouri truck accident.

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