Teen Injured In I-44 Truck Accident

Julianne A. Horsford, a 19 year old from St. Charles, Missouri, was injured in a Missouri semi-truck accident on December 14, 2011. The Missouri truck accident occurred in I-44 in Pulaski County, Missouri.

The towed unit of a 2006 Freightliner collided with the 2000 Mercury Sable driven by Horsford. Horsford’s vehicle traveled off the left side of the interstate, crashing into the cable median of the highway. Horsford’s vehicle came to rest while partially still in the roadways.

Horsford was taken to Phelps County Regional Medical Center by Pulaski County Ambulance. Horsford’s vehicle was totaled in the accident. The truck driver, Tonna L. Bateman from Willard, Missouri, was not injured in the Missouri semi-truck accident.

The most common type of injury in a Missouri tractor trailer accident is broken and fractured bones. Bones are an excellent structural system to support the human body. However, bones cannot withstand an infinite amount of pressure. When too much pressure is applied to a bone, it will fracture.

Missouri tractor trailer accidents subject the human body and its structure to a tremendous amount of pressure. Tractor trailers can weigh up to 80,000lbs – without oversize permits. Tractor trailers may be 70 to 80 feet long as well. Typical passenger vehicles like cars and SUVS cannot absorb the full impact of a collision with such a large vehicle. As a result, the truck accident victim suffers.

Truck accident victims with broken bones may have to endure high medical costs after the accident. Truck accident victims may need to meet with expensive medical specialists like orthopedic surgeons. Truck accident victims may need to meet regularly with physical or occupational therapists for an extended period time after surgery as well.

Truck accident victims should not have to bear the costs of a truck driver’s negligence. If a truck driver negligently causes the injuries of a truck accident victim, the truck driver and her employer should bear the cost of those injuries.

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