Single Vehicle Car Accidents

A single vehicle accident is exactly that: a type of car accident in which only one vehicle is involved. The term does not refer to accidents or collisions involving a pedestrian or a cyclist. but refers specifically to accidents in which the only parties injured are the driver and/or passengers of a single vehicle.

When one thinks of single vehicle accidents, often what comes to mind are accidents in which the driver is intoxicated, is exceeding the posted speed limit, or is driving faster than the conditions warrant. In these circumstances, a driver usually runs off the road or collides with an obstacle along the road such as a guardrail or lane barrier.

While it may seem a single vehicle accident would be the driver&rsquo:s fault, this is not always the case. For instance, a single vehicle accident can occur when another vehicle forces another car off the road. In this type of car accident case, the driver may have done everything in his or her power to avoid the crash. Typically, in an attempt to avoid a crash, a person will steer the vehicle off the roadway, causing the car to strike a barrier or median. In these cases, the vehicle that actually caused the accident may have escaped unscathed, and has continued travelling without realizing the damage he or she has caused.

Single vehicle accidents can also occur when a vehicle collides with some sort of unexpected road obstruction, such as a fallen rock or tree, an animal that has run into the roadway, or debris that has fallen onto the road from another vehicle, such as a load that was not sufficiently tied down to the bed of a truck.

Single vehicle accidents can come about from a number of other causes as well, that do not involve the driver making an unscheduled turn or impact. For instance, poorly designed roads that are not constructed to meet applicable governmental standards can increase the risk of danger to motorists. Speed limits can be set too high for a given curve, the road surface may be badly marked, or the surface may be prone to flooding or poor drainage.

Occasionally, loss of control can result from defects in the vehicle itself, such as an improperly functioning braking system or steering system or from defective tires. In addition, a poorly designed vehicle may be susceptible to rollovers or other handling problems, which will manifest themselves in more-or-less normal driving situations that other cars would handle with little or no problem.

If you or a family member have suffered a personal injury from being involved in a single vehicle accident in Missouri, or a loved one has died from a single vehicle accident in Missouri, it is important to contact a capable Missouri personal injury lawyer who has experience handling single vehicle accidents. Because the causes of single vehicle accidents are not always obvious, the sooner you contact a Missouri attorney to investigate your personal injury claim, the better, since important evidence can be lost or destroyed if you do not act quickly. Whether the injury is caused by driver error or by other factors, it is important that you have diligent investigators working for you to ensure your legal rights are protected.

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