Semi Causes Extensive Damage to Teenager’s Car in a Side Impact Collision in Missouri

The automobile of a Washington County teenager sustained extensive damage in a Washington County Missouri truck accident on March 16, 2011 at 10:35am. The Missouri side collision truck accident occurred on Highway 32, 1.5 miles west of Holiday Shores.

Truck driver William A. Barnhart, 37, drove a 1994 Peterbilt semi-trailer behind teenager Katelyn J. Beck of Caledonia, Missouri on Wednesday morning. Beck slowed her 2001 Pontiac Montana and attempted to make a left turn. Barnhart tried to pass Beck on the left side while she made that turn, causing the semi to slam into the side of Beck’s car in this Missouri side collision truck accident.

The semi caused extensive damage to Beck’s car. Beck and her passenger Rechelle L. Beck, 41, suffered minor injuries. Washington County ambulances transferred them to the Washington County Hospital. They suffered minor injuries. The Highway Patrol did not report any injuries for Barnhart. While Beck’s car required towing, the Peterbilt semi was simply driven from the scene.

Missouri side impact collisions pose a particular threat to automobiles. Cars cannot withstand broadside collisions as well as front- or rear-impact crashes. There are no crumple zones on the sides of a car to absorb the force of the crash. Many cars additionally lack the protection of side curtain airbags. Broadside collisions exploit these systematic weaknesses, causing extensive damage to vehicles and serious injury to people. Broadside collisions between two cars often cause fatalities, serious injuries, and extensive vehicle damage. A broadside collision involving a semi-trailer is even more dangerous.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) strictly regulates semi-trailers like the Peterbilt with the goal of reducing the rate of dangerous and deadly collisions on the nation’s highways. Many of the regulations target the type of driver behaviors that lead to Missouri side collision truck accidents. Regulations bar driving over the speed limit and texting while driving for commercial motor vehicle. When a truck driver violates a regulation from the FMCSA, an experienced Missouri accident attorney can use that violation as evidence of negligence in driving.

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