Woman Injured In I-44 Lane Change Truck Accident

Cynthia A. Nixon of Rogersville, Missouri was moderately injured in a Phelps County Missouri truck accident. A truck driver attempted to change lanes and caused the Missouri truck accident. Nixon was transported to Phelps County Regional Medical Center for treatment after the trucking accident.

Oklahoma truck driver Thomas A. Hudgens attempted to change lanes in a 2007 International truck on eastbound I-44. The large truck crashed into Nixon’s 2008 Infiniti M35X. The collision injured Nixon, but did not injure the truck driver. Nixon’s Infiniti was totaled in the accident.

A lane change is a dangerous maneuver for American drivers. According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 750 vehicles are involved in fatal traffic accidents while changing lanes or merging. For comparison, changing lanes causes more than six times the number of fatal accidents caused by making a u-turn.

Lane changes are even more dangerous for truck drivers. Large commercial trucks have more blind spots than typical passenger vehicles. For example, a typical passenger car may have two blind spots – one on either side of the vehicle. Tractor trailers have a blind spot on each side, a blind spot behind the rear of the vehicle, and a blind spot in front of the vehicle.

Large commercial trucks also have significantly larger blind spots. An entire vehicle may fit into the blind spot of a tractor trailer. If a truck driver fails to prudently monitor the roadway while driving and attempts a lane change, the truck driver may cause a lane change truck accident.

Truck drivers undergo extensive training before being licensed to operate large commercial motor vehicles. Most truck drivers understand their role in maintaining the safety of Missouri’s roadways. However, some truck drivers fail to exercise due care and cause Missouri truck accidents. Negligent truck drivers need to be held accountable for the injuries they cause to preserve the public safety.

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