Resources For Tractor Trailer Accident Victims

One of the most powerful tools to have as a victim of a tractor trailer accident is information. Doing just a little research for yourself will lessen your chances of being taken advantage of by those in supposed positions of power. Having knowledge can level the playing field between the little guy and the big corporation with lots of professional backup.

Fortunately, many resources can be found online to help educate you about the commercial trucking industry, their laws, and who can help you if you or someone you love is injured in a Missouri tractor trailer crash.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website is a great place to go for basic information on the commercial trucking industry in the United States. The FMCSA oversees the industry and has regulations that all trucking companies should follow to avoid accidents. Unfortunately, all too often these rules aren’t followed and the results are tragic.

Within FMCSA’s site, be sure to check out the Analysis and Information section for all the statistics on tractor trailer accidents.

Another section of the site that you should pay close attention to is the Rules and Regulations page. Here you’ll find a comprehensive listing of the rules that a truck driver must follow.

If you want to look up a particular company’s profile to see how many safety violations they have, you can check the SAFER database. Be aware that the basic information is free, but comprehensive company details do cost a fee.

Finally, if you believe that you were the victim of an accident that was caused by a truck driver’s negligence or an oversight on the part of his company, contact a Missouri truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your rights. Many offer free consultations to discuss your tractor trailer accident case and will be able to advise you on your next step.

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