Pigs Scattered Across Highway Following Semi Wreck in Clay County

A tractor-trailer accident in Clay County, Missouri early Monday morning left the truck’s cargo—720 pigs—injured and running loose. Nearly fifty of the pigs escaped following the crash, and had to be chased and captured. The pigs were shaken up, but there were few serious injuries. The driver of the semi-truck was also uninjured in the rollover accident, which closed the ramp from Northbound Interstate 435 to Interstate 35. It is not yet clear what caused the semi to flip over on the highway ramp, however the Missouri Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.

An investigation of this particular accident is underway, and it may be days before we know what caused the driver to wreck. One cause of truck accidents can be attributed to overloading. While smaller vehicles are already at a disadvantage when large trucks drive unsafely, many truck drivers and trucking companies cause trucks to be even more dangerous by overloading them. When a large truck is overloaded, controlling it can be more difficult and can lead to the tractor trailer overturning or jackknifing. An overloaded truck combined with a fatigued driver on a tight schedule, driving in less than perfect weather conditions, can truly be a recipe for disaster. A tractor-trailer in Missouri is allowed to weigh 80,000 pounds and anything over this weight is prohibited by federal law. Even though 80,000 pounds is the legal limit, it is well-documented that a truck of this weight is nearly twice as likely to be involved in a fatal crash than one weighing 50,000 pounds or less.

We are relieved there were no human casualties in this tractor-trailer accident in Missouri. If you or a loved one should ever be injured in an accident involving an 18-wheeler, it is extremely important that you contact a St. Louis truck accident attorney immediately. Contacting an experienced personal injury attorney who fully understands the particular intricacies involved in truck accident litigation can make the difference in your future.

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