Personal Injury In Truck Accident

An elderly man from Paris, Missouri was injured in a Missouri semi-truck accident on December 17, 2011. The accident occurred when the Lincoln Towncar driven by 78 year old Donald G. Ragsdale of Paris, Missouri collided with a 2005 Mack Semi-Tractor Trailer. The tractor trailer was making a right turn into a private drive from westbound U.S. Highway 24. Robert R. Cooney of Plainfield, Illinois was the truck driver.

The accident resulted in serious injuries for Ragsdale. Ragsdale’s injuries were so severe that he was unresponsive at the scene of the accident. Randolph County Ambulance transported Ragsdale to the Moberly Regional Medical Center for medical treatment. Ragsdale was transferred to the University of Missouri Hospital by the Staff of Life helicopter.

Elderly tractor trailer accident victims deserve compensation for their injuries, just like any other accident victim. The age of the accident victim should not have any effect on the accident victim’s recovery. Whether a truck accident victim receives compensation should be entirely dependent whether the conduct of a negligent truck driver or trucking company caused their injuries. However, some jury members may wonder: should senior citizens be allowed to drive?

Elderly truck accident victims should obtain the services of an experienced Missouri truck accident attorney to fight against ageist arguments. When a senior citizen is injured in a truck accident, some people automatically assume that the elderly driver caused the accident. A substantial portion of the population believes that senior citizens should stop driving. However, many senior citizens are safe drivers who happen to be involved truck crashes caused by negligent truck drivers.

Truck accident attorneys can show that an elderly truck accident victim is a safe driver. The attorney may use evidence from accident reconstruction experts to show that the elderly driver did not cause the truck accident. The attorney may use the truck accident victim’s record to show that the accident victim is generally responsible. Missouri has a shortened driver’s license renewal period for older drivers. Drivers 70 years old and older have to get their license renewed every three years. When an elderly truck accident victim has an up-to-date license, the elderly truck accident victim appears to take driving seriously.