NSTB Investigates Deadly School Bus Accident in Missouri

The National Safety Transportation Board (NTSB), an independent agency of the federal government, has launched an investigation into the cause of the fatal Missouri school bus accident in 2010. The 2010 Missouri school bus accident involved two school buses, a tractor trailer, and a pickup truck in Gray Summit, Missouri.

The two school buses were transporting students from John F. Hodge High School to Six Flags St. Louis. A Volvo tractor trailer slowed or stopped ahead because of the amount of traffic in a construction zone on the highway. A pickup truck slammed into the back of the tractor trailer. The first school bus, carrying the female high school students, change lanes into the wreck. Then the second school bus rear ended the first school bus, pushing the first school bus on top of the second.

Two people died in the fatal accident. A female high school student  who was sitting in the back of the first bus died. The pickup truck driver died as well. Dozens of injured students were taken to area hospitals after the fatal Missouri bus truck accident. Two students – a 16 year old female student and a 14 year old male student – suffered serious injuries in the accident.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol and the NTSB have been investigating the causes of the tragic Missouri truck accident since the accident occurred. An initial report showed that the inattentive driving may have been a major cause of the accident. Specifically, the drivers failed to react to the traffic pattern in the construction zone of I-44.

Members of the NTSB will meet next week to make a final determination about the probable cause of the accident. The NTSB meeting will occur on December 13, 2011. The meeting will focus on safety recommendations to prevent future Missouri truck accidents and injuries. The agency may comment on whether seat belts should have been used in the school buses and other possible proposals for Missouri School bus laws.

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