Driver Fails To Stop At Intersection, Seriously Injures Two

A male and female both from Rolla, Missouri were seriously injured in a truck accident on U.S. Route 63 and Route K in Cairo, Missouri. The accident occurred on April 27, 2012 at 3:43pm in Randolph County.

A 2002 International Truck driven by Michael R. Basler attempted to cross into U.S. Route 63. Basler failed to stop at a stop sign and crossed into U.S. Route 63. At the same time, a 1999 Ford driven by Jared T. Taylor was traveling on U.S. Route 63 at the moment Basler crossed into Route 63. Taylor was also traveling with Candice L. Saultz at the time of the accident. Basler crossed into the path of Taylor’s vehicle and Taylor’s 1999 Ford struck Basler’s International Truck. After the collision, both vehicles slid into the median of Route 63. Both vehicles suffered extensive damage as a result of the collision.

Missouri State Highway Patrol and Randolph County First Responders promptly arrived to the accident site. Taylor, Saultz, and Basler were all seriously injured as a result of the collision. Randolph County Ambulance transported Taylor and Saultz to University Hospital in Columbia, Missouri. Basler was transported to Regional Hospital in Moberly, Missouri for medical treatment related to the Rolla Missouri truck accident.

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, intersection crashes commonly occur because activities like crossing over or turning left or right can result in driving “conflicts” between motorists. Making sure to stop at a stop sign and yield to oncoming traffic in an intersection is a fundamental, but very vital aspect of driving any type of motor vehicle. Failing to yield to oncoming traffic in an intersection can most times result in an accident that either causes serious bodily injury to all victims involved or can even result in automobile fatalities. The duty for truck drivers to follow this rule is even more important. Due to their length and bulk, massive trucks can obscure and block the entirety of an intersection, potentially heightening the risk for accidents for all lanes of an intersection. The National Highway Safety Administration notes that large trucks account for almost eight (8) percent of all fatal crashes in the U.S. and five (5) percent of all injury crashes in the U.S.

Missouri Statute § 304.351 requires all drivers to yield the right-of-way to other vehicles when approaching an intersection. Subsection 4.2(a) of this law also requires all drivers to stop either at a clearly marked stop line or at a stop sign. Large truck drivers violating this law can highly endanger the lives of all motorists due to the truck’s large size. Large truck drivers are not immune to the Missouri rules of the road and failure to follow even the most fundamental rules can potentially make a truck driver be liable to injured parties in a Missouri truck accident lawsuit.

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