Mechanical Failures A Major Cause For Tractor Trailer Crashes

Mechanical failures are the number two cause of tractor trailer injury accidents in the United States, according to data compiled by the National Highway Safety Administration. Driver error is still the most common contributing factor to crashes, but some studies show the rate of mechanical failures is on the rise here in Missouri.

Of the different types of mechanical failures that could cause a tractor trailer crash, the most common, by far, was brake failure. Brakes on a vehicle that could be hauling thousands of pounds of cargo should be the most scrutinized mechanical device on the road, but every year we see drivers and trucking companies skipping inspections to save on costs or time. As a result, we also see lots of accidents, injuries and fatalities that could have been prevented.

There are already regulations provided by the federal government designed to prompt drivers to have their trucks inspected. These regulations save lives and in areas where truckers are strictly held accountable to these rules, we see a sharp decline in accidents. During the 1990’s, Georgia stepped up its enforcement of tractor trailer inspection laws, specifically on logging trucks. As a result, the rate of accidents by mechanical failure was cut in half. The lesson is that industries held accountable for their actions will respond.

Aside from federal regulation, another way to hold negligent trucking companies accountable is through the civil justice system. In the wake of a tragic accident, your first thought might not be about hiring a Missouri truck accident attorney. While you and your family’s medical care come first, it is important to begin any legal investigation into your case as soon as possible. These matters are time sensitive and it is imperative that the truck inspection records, the driver’s log book, and other important info is gathered before it is lost forever.

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