Man Killed After Collision With Modot Truck In Missouri

Darrell Fryer, 61, was killed and another person was seriously injured Tuesday morning in a Missouri tractor trailer crash on I-44.

Fryer was heading westbound in a 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass at the time of the accident, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol. He was driving in the left lane when he came upon a MoDOT dump truck filling a pothole on the highway just before Antire Road. The dump truck was in the same lane as Fryer and as he tried to maneuver around it, his car began to skid out of control. The Cutlass clipped the back of the MoDOT truck and then spun into the center lane where it was hit by a tractor trailer.

Fryer was pronounced dead by ambulance personnel. A passenger with Fryer, Robert Collins, 46, sustained serious injuries. The tractor trailer driver and the MoDOT workers all avoided injury.

This is a tragic accident and our thoughts go out to the victim’s family. Hopefully Collins can make a speedy recovery.

While the initial crash report on file with the Highway Patrol describes the basics of the crash, there are still many details to uncover surrounding this deadly Missouri truck accident. A crash reconstruction will be used to determine the speed Fryer was driving at the time of the crash. Also, if MoDOT was blocking lanes of the highway with their equipment, an investigation into whether they followed procedure to warn other motorists is warranted. If there were caution lights and construction barrels at the work site, why didn’t Fryer see them until it was too late?

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