Large Truck’s Lane Change On I-70 Injures One Driver And One Minor

Two Missouri residents were injured in a lane change accident on westbound Interstate 70 when a large truck struck their vehicle. The accident occurred in Jackson County on April 28, 2012 at 6:30pm.

Shortly before the accident, a 2010 International Truck driven by Earl E. Wilson (from Shawnee, Kansas) was traveling westbound on I-70 west of Woods Chapel Road. Robert G. Driver (from Raytown, Missouri) was driving a 1993 Mercury and was also traveling westbound on I-70. Driver was traveling slightly in front of Wilson’s large truck in an adjacent lane. The collision occurred when Wilson attempted to change lanes. Unfortunately, the International Truck collided with Driver’s Mercury during the lane change. Driver’s vehicle subsequently spun out of control as a result of the collision. The vehicle stopped when it struck the concrete barrier. The International Truck suffered minor damage and the Mercury suffered from moderate damage.

Driver and his passenger, eight (8) year old Lawna B. Castro, suffered injuries as a result of the accident. Both parties did not require immediate medical attention and were released from the scene. Missouri State Highway Patrol notes that an investigation in the nature of this accident is ongoing and that criminal charges are pending.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s surveys recently found that a greater amount of accidents with fatalities usually occur from 6pm to midnight. There is a greater risk for a Missouri truck accident at 6pm (including outside factors like rush-hour traffic) than other times. Missouri drivers traveling on Interstates during this time must exercise caution while driving near large trucks as a large truck vehicle accident is certainly possible.

When driving with children on highways, drivers need to make sure that any passenger child is properly protected and restrained in compliance with Missouri’s driving safety laws. For instance, Missouri statute § 307.178 requires safety belts to be worn by both the driver and front seat passengers. Missouri authorities have the power to give infractions and fines to drivers and passengers who violate this basic safety rule.

Statute § 307.179 imposes special requirements for child passengers. Younger children may require specific infant restraint seats, to be seated in the back seat rather than the front passenger seat, or be restrained by a safety belt regardless. Missouri authorities seriously emphasize these safety requirements and can fine any driver who did not properly restrain a child in a vehicle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends that drivers should have children under the age of 12 to ride in the back seat of a vehicle at all times. Following this basic safety rule can ensure that a child passenger will not be a fatality in a Missouri truck accident. If you followed these rules and you were injured in a Missouri truck accident, please consult a Missouri truck accident lawyer.

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