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A three-vehicle Lafayette County Missouri truck accident left the truck driver unscathed, but resulted in injuries for two local Missourians. Aron B. Crouse of Lamar, Missouri suffered serious injuries in the accident. Crouse was transported by Life Flight to Research Hospital. Julia A. Mintner of Higginsville, Missouri was transported to Lafayette Regional for medical treatment.

The Lafayette County Missouri trucking accident occurred as the vehicles crested a hill on MO-13 around 11:30am on August 11, 2011. Crouse’s 1998 Honda Civic collided with a 2003 Kenworth driven by Missouri truck driver Joshua J. Heimer. Specifically, the passenger of Crouse’s Honda crashed into the rear of the Kenworth. The Missouri side collision truck accident continued as Crouse’s Honda rotated clockwise after impact. The Honda slammed into the driver’s side of a 2006 Saturn View driven by Mintner. Mintner was ejected from her vehicle, though she wore a seatbelt during the accident.

Missouri side collision truck accidents may be particularly dangerous because of what can occur after impact. Strong forces from a side impact truck accident may force a smaller vehicle off the roadway. Passenger vehicles may rollover after being hit on the side by a tractor trailer. Sometimes, passengers are even ejected from their vehicle. The intensity of a side collision truck accident may intense.

Factors that may increase the intensity of a Missouri side collision truck accident include: the velocity of the vehicles involve, the difference in mass between the two vehicles, and the safety features of either vehicle. Velocity affects the strength of the collision. If the tractor trailer was travelling at a high speed before impact, the force on the passenger vehicle will be greater. Disparity in size matters. If the passenger vehicle is much smaller than the tractor trailer, the vehicle may sustain greater damage. Safety features are a relevant factor. The occupants of a passenger vehicle equipped with side airbags and seatbelts may suffer lesser injuries than occupants of vehicles without those safety features.

Intense Missouri side collision truck accidents may lead to serious injury or even death. Missouri tort law gives accident victims the legal ability to sue the parties that may have caused the accident. Negligent truck drivers may be a defendant. Trucking companies, trucking maintenance facilities, and vehicle part manufacturers may be responsible for the accident. Trucking accidents are complex physically and legally. Truck accident victims should have legal representation with experience litigating personal injury lawsuits involving the trucking industry.

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