I-70 listed As Missouri’s Deadliest Highway

Data compiled by a Missouri attorney lobbying for more tractor trailer regulations shows that interstate 70 is by far Missouri’s deadliest highway, followed by I-44, U.S.-63 and I-55, according to a KSDK report.

Last year there were 41 fatalities on I-70 alone, according to the report. I-44, which has a longer stretch through the state, came in second with 25 fatal car and truck accidents.

The data is being used to call attention to the dangers on our roadways and the attorney who published it is hoping also to see some law changes as well. He, along with others, are trying to ban tractor trailer drivers from using portable electronic devices like cell phones and laptops while they are behind the wheel.

Missouri recently passed a law restricting drivers under 21 from texting and driving. Besides that, there are no laws restricting big rig and commercial truck drivers from talking on a cell phone or using a laptop despite the fact that studies show drivers using these devices are up to 23 percent more likely to cause an accident. Many truckers routinely use these devices to report back to their company and keep in touch with family while on the road.

While I respect the fact that drivers need to keep in contact with their employers and their family, it is not worth putting others at risk. The numbers clearly show that distracted drivers cause more accidents. If a negligent driver or company causes an accident they need to be held accountable. The best way to do this is to contact a Missouri truck accident attorney to help investigate your case if you or someone you love is involved in a crash.

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