Freightliner Rear Ends Man In Truck Accident In St. Louis, MO

Bruce D. Cummings was injured in a St. Louis Missouri truck accident on October 27, 2011 at 3:23pm. The St. Louis County Missouri truck accident occurred as Cummings drove a 2009 Mercury Mountainer on the southbound side of I-270. The Thursday afternoon highway traffic stopped ahead. Cummings adjusted to the traffic, but the large truck following him did not. A 2009 Freightliner MT45 slammed into the rear of the Mercury. Cummings suffered the only reported injuries in the St. Louis rear end truck accident. The 59 year old was taken to St. Anthony’s Medical Center by the Mehlville Fire Protection District.

A Missouri rear end truck accident occurs when a large truck collides into the rear of passenger vehicle, like a car or SUV. Passenger vehicles are substantially smaller than large trucks such as tractor trailers and 18 wheelers. As a result, most of the people injured in a Missouri rear end truck accident are occupants of the passenger vehicle. Often, the truck driver remains unscathed after the accident.

Passenger vehicles are disadvantaged after a Missouri rear end truck accident as well. The large truck that causes the accident is typically a commercial motor vehicle, owned and operated by a corporation. The trucking corporation will likely have an insurance company with a strong financial interest in paying truck accident victims the least amount of compensation possible. The trucking corporation, the trucking insurer, and their attorneys will encourage the truck accident victim to settle for less than deserved and will fight any lawsuit filed against them.

To correct the imbalance of power between truck accident victims, truck accident victims should have an experienced Missouri truck accident attorney who has a record of obtaining compensation for their clients. An experienced Missouri truck accident lawyer will understand the strength of the accident victim’s case. The truck accident attorney will be able to advise the truck accident victim about whether to accept a settlement or whether to file a lawsuit.

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