Highway 47 Tractor Truck Accident Injures One

A large tractor trailer struck a New Florence, Missouri resident’s vehicle on Highway 47 and Mid America Lane on June 7, 2012. The exact time of the accident was at 9:46am and the accident occurred in Franklin County.

Eric K. Miller of Warrenton, Missouri was driving his 2012 Peterbilt Tractor truck southbound on Highway 47. Michael E. Thomure of New Florence, Missouri was also driving his 2005 Chevrolet Colorado southbound on Highway 47 before the accident occurred. Thomure came to a stop in order to make a turn onto Mid America Lane from Highway 47. It is unknown as to what lane Thomure was in or which direction he was intending to turn before the accident. Miller did not see Thomure’s stopped vehicle. Miller attempted to steer his vehicle to the extreme right-hand side in an effort to avoid striking Thomure’s vehicle. However, the Peterbilt Tractor struck Thomure’s Chervolet despite Miller’s evasive maneuver. Both vehicles sustained moderate damage and were towed from the scene.

Missouri State Highway Patrol arrived on the scene and determined that Thomure suffered minor injuries due to the accident. Thomure was subsequently transferred to Mercy Hospital-Washington by Washington Ambulance in order to receive medical attention.

While some drivers swerve in order to avoid something unexpected in the road or to avoid other vehicles that could potentially strike them, swerving is still a dangerous driving maneuver. Swerving is most often done at the spur-of-the-moment and drivers placed in this situation often do not have the time to safely check their surroundings. It is quite possible that swerving can lead into overcorrection problems with your vehicle. This can result in either striking another vehicle that you did not have the opportunity to see (even if you successfully evaded the object that caused you to swerve in the first place), overturning and heavily damaging your vehicle, or even losing control of your vehicle and running off the road. This is especially more problematic for large trucks, as it would be tremendously difficult to regain control over a large truck after the driver lost control. A large truck’s size would also make it a massive hazard for all motorists since the truck could strike multiple intended vehicles at once. This could create fatal or serious injuries in a Missouri semi-truck accident.

The key to avoiding this dilemma is to adhere to the Missouri rules of the road in general. One can make sure to drive in a careful and prudent manner (including maintaining reasonable distances from other cars, always paying attention to traffic if a vehicle stops, and others). Violating these basic Missouri driving laws can put a driver in a situation where he or she feels as if they have to swerve to avoid an accident. In actuality, swerving only increases the chance of a Missouri semi-truck accident for multiple unintended victims. Victims of semi-truck accidents caused by unexpected swerving should consult a Franklin County Missouri semi-truck accident lawyer.

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