Four Ejected In Atchison County Truck Accident

An Atchison County Missouri truck accident injured four people when they were ejected from a sedan after collision with a tractor trailer. The Missouri trucking accident occurred on northbound I-29, 7 miles north of Rock Port, Missouri, at 10:39pm on May 9, 2011.

Joseph J. Darman of Cold Springs, Missouri was driving a 1995 Dodge on I-29 with three passengers. A 2004 Freightliner driven by David F. Hollenberg of Cameron, Missouri overtook Darman and struck the rear of Darman’s vehicle. The force of the impact overturned Darman’s vehicle, causing it to land on its side in the path of the Freightliner. The Freightliner pushed Darman’s vehicle off the roadway. All of the occupants in Darman’s vehicle were ejected during the course of the accident. The Freightliner came to rest on its wheels. Darman’s vehicle came to rest on its side, off of the roadway.

The four ejected occupants sustained all of the reported injuries in the Missouri truck accident. Driver Joseph Darman, passenger Rebecca L. Darman, and passenger Amanda N. Playford suffered serious injuries in the accident. Atchison-Holt Ambulance transported them to Grape Community Hospital in Hamburg, Iowa. They were transported by Life Flight to Omaha. Christopher J. Darman suffered moderate injuries. He was transported to the Grape Community Hospital in Hamburg, Iowa. The injured parties were all from Cold Springs, New York. None of the injured parties wore a seat belt.

According to the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), the leading cause of death for Americans from 2 to 33 year old is traffic accidents. More than 30,000 Americans die in car accidents each year. However, national reports indicate that last year, 2010, had the lowest number of traffic fatalities since 1949. Traffic deaths have decreased over the years though the number of drivers and cars on the road have increased. The decrease in traffic fatalities is partially attributed to the enforcement of seat belt laws.

Missouri statute §307.178 requires seat belts for passenger cars. Drivers, front-seat adult passengers, and children less than sixteen years of age are required to use an appropriate safety device while in a passenger car. Missouri law does not currently require back-seat adult passengers to wear seat belts. Regardless of age or vehicle position, everyone should wear seat belts while in an operating vehicle.

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