Fatality In Fiery Semi-Trailer Accident

Two semi-trucks crashed into a head-on Missouri semi-truck accident in Cameron, Missouri, killing one and injuring two. The accident occurred when a northbound tractor trailer crossed the centerline and slammed into a semitrailer traveling in the other direction. Both trucks burst into flame at impact.

The northbound truck driver died at the scene of the accident. The northbound driver’s passenger and the driver of the other tractor trailer were rescued from the fiery wreck by passing motorists. The rescued accident victims were rushed to nearby hospital to treat their serious injuries.

The fire caused serious damage. The two tractor trailers burned to their frames. Hundreds of gallons of fuel poured into the roadway. Officials from the hazardous materials crew had to work to contain the accident. Officials from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources worked on the accident as well. The highway was closed for nine hours while the officials worked to clean up the debris.

The rescued truck accident victims may owe a great deal of thanks to the good Samaritans that pulled them from the fiery wreck. However, good Samaritans are occasionally injured while trying to rescue those injured in car accidents. Rescuer liability is a difficult concept for the courts to master.

Accident victims obtain compensation for the injuries caused by negligence. To show negligence, the accident victim must first owe that the defendant owed the accident victim a duty. This first element creates a difficulty for injured rescuers. Does a driver owe a duty to a potential rescuer if there is an accident? The causation requirement of negligence claims creates another problem for injured rescuers. In negligence claims, the accident victim must show that the defendant’s conduct was the cause of the accident victim’s injuries. However, to a certain degree, rescuers choose to involve themselves in the rescue. Was the defendant’s conduct the cause of the rescuer’s injuries since the rescuer chose to help the accident victims?

Injured rescuers should contact Missouri car accident attorneys for a legal consultation to learn about their options.

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