Double Semi Accident Injures Man On I-70

Two semi trucks narrowly avoided injuring other drivers when they collided on I-70 in a Missouri trucking accident. The Missouri truck accident occurred on May 9, 2011 at 4:41pm in the Cooper County trucking accident.

Truck driver Edward S. Renwick lost control over his 2001 Sterling semi truck while driving eastbound on I-70. He sideswiped a 2005 Freightliner Box Truck driven by truck driver Gary A. Rogers. After impact, Renwick drove off the left side of the roadway into westbound traffic. Renwick then drove the semi truck into a guardrail and rested off the north side of I-70. Renwick suffered moderate injuries in the Missouri semi truck accident. An ambulance took Renwick to the Cooper County Memorial Hospital. The tractor trailers narrowly avoided injuring drivers.

Truck drivers may lose control of their commercial vehicles because of an expansive list of common Missouri truck accident causes. Truck drivers may engage in negligent behaviors that cause destructive accidents. Truck drivers may drive excessive hours above the legal limit or drive faster than the speeding limit. Some truck drivers negligently drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Trucking company negligence may cause a truck driver to lose control over a vehicle and cause a Missouri semi truck accident. Trucking companies may negligently maintain their fleet of commercial vehicles or use defective vehicles. Some trucking companies create unreasonable driving schedules, encouraging their drivers to forgo sleep. Discovering the root cause of a trucking is a difficult task. A plaintiff lawyer who specializes in truck accidents will investigate the facts of a truck accident and obtain compensation for injuries.

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