Construction Zones And Tractor Trailers Make A Dangerous Mix

Perhaps the two obstacles on the roadway most likely to elicit a groan from drivers are construction zones and tractor trailers. While both are necessary to maintain our roads and commerce, they can both lead to delays in an already hectic rush hour commute. Aside from just causing traffic backups, though, they are both involved in a large number of serious Missouri injury accidents, especially when you mix the large trucks with the confusion of a construction zone.

Residents of Kansas City have been given a couple recent examples of the dangers when tractor trailers and construction zones meet. A few weeks ago, a truck hauling dangerous hydrochloric acid crashed spilling the liquid all over the highway. The incident was followed a couple weeks later by another tractor trailer, this one hauling soybean meal, that crashed on the exact same stretch of highway.

Over on the east side of the state, we’ve seen our fair share of St. Louis tractor trailer accidents in or near construction zones. Last year, for a tragic example, multiple cars waiting in the backup from the Highway 40 construction detour were crushed by a tractor trailer whose driver had briefly taken his eyes off the road to grab his cell phone.

The confusion and stress that comes from navigating construction zones and detours makes for a dangerous situation that must be navigated carefully by all drivers. If everyone observes the posted speed limits and maintains awareness of workers and equipment, accidents can easily be reduced.

Unfortunately, inattentive drivers of both cars and tractor trailers often don’t see an upcoming construction zone or traffic backup and that’s when accidents occur. If you or a family member have been involved in one of these accidents, consult a Missouri personal injury lawyer to discuss your next steps and learn your rights as an accident victim.

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