Man Seriously Injured By Truck in Missouri

A Cass County Missouri truck accident left a man from Shell Knob, Missouri seriously injured on July 18, 2011 at 2:50pm. The Cass County Missouri trucking accident occurred as a 2005 Kenworth and a 2005 Hyundai travelled on northbound U.S. Highway 71. Michael E. Finney of Shell Knob, Missouri slowed down the Hyundai because of the congested traffic ahead.

Truck driver Greg J. Tucker of West Branch, Iowa overtook Finney’s Hyundai and slammed into its left rear bumper. The force of the collision forced Finney off the right side of the highway. Finney’s vehicle overturned, coming to rest facing south. Finney was ejected from the Hyundai during the course of the accident. The Kenworth truck came to rest in the highway median. Whether either driver wore a seat belt is unknown.

There was a noticeable imbalance in the consequences of the accident. Finney was taken to Research Hospital with serious injuries. There were no reported injuries for the Iowan truck driver. The Hyundai was totaled. The Kenworth truck only sustained minor damage and could be driven from the scene of the accident.

Typical drivers of passenger cars, vans, and SUVs are at a great disadvantage in a Missouri tractor trailer accident. Commercial motor vehicles are much larger than typical passenger vehicles. Passenger vehicles and the occupants inside them are far more likely to sustain serious damage in a Missouri truck accident.

The potential of serious injury is high for truck accident victims. In response to the high volume of truck accidents, the federal government enacted a number of safety regulations for truck drivers and trucking companies. Truck accidents are often a result of one or more violations of safety regulations. For example, the truck driver may have been texting in violation of the prohibition on texting while driving for truck drivers. The truck driver may have been fatigued for operating the tractor trailer longer than what is allowed.

Truck accidents are not mere car accidents with greater damage. Successfully suing a truck driver or trucking company after a Missouri trucking accident understanding which trucking regulations were violated during the accident. A truck accident victim needs a Missouri trucking accident attorney with experience combing through federal regulations and applicable state law to successfully obtain compensation for truck accident victims.

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