Woman Injured In Rear End Truck Accident in Missouri

Carolyn S. Levon, 69, of Cape Girardeau, Missouri was taken to Jefferson Regional Medical Center after a Jefferson County Missouri rear end trucking accident. Levon was injured when a 2012 Freightliner driven by out of state truck driver Linda M. Mendez rear ended her vehicle on I-55.

Levon was driving a 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis on northbound I-55 at U.S. Highway 67. Levon slowed for traffic ahead of her. The truck driver failed to slow and crashed into the rear of Levon’s vehicle. Levon was the only injured party in the Missouri rear end truck accident, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s crash report. Her vehicle was totaled as well.

A Missouri truck accident is often a harrowing experience for an accident victim. The time period after the accident may be stressful and confusing for the accident victim as well. The accident victim may need to communicate effectively with several parties to deal with the accident, including the other people involved in the accident and their attorneys, law enforcement officers, medical personnel, insurance company representatives, and employers.

Accident victims should devise a plan to deal with the insurance issues that arise after a Missouri truck accident. Interacting with insurance companies can cause a great deal of stress for an accident victim. An increased level stress may be detrimental for anyone, but is especially harmful for an injured accident victim who needs to recover. Accident victims should acquire the services of an experienced Missouri truck accident lawyer. An experienced personal injury attorney knows what to do after a Missouri truck accident and may negotiate with the insurance company on behalf of the accident victim.

Insurance companies have a financial incentive to pay out as little as possible on an accident-related claims. The insurance company has already received payment for the insurance policies involved. When a claim is filed, the insurance company will attempt to pay as little as possible to keep the revenue gained from payments. The insurance company will likely offer a settlement amount that is much lower than the accident victim could win in court, hoping that the accident victim will ignorantly accept it.

Experienced Missouri personal injury attorneys have the knowledge to protect accident victims from low-ball settlement offers. Unlike accident victims, personal injury attorneys understand how to value the monetary worth of a claim. If the insurance company provides an offer that is far less than what the case is worth, an experienced attorney will know to keep negotiating.

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